We love what we do, but we need you to help us too!

Have you been able to attend a relaxed session, obtain a visual guide for an event, use a lanyard or boost band to help people identify your needs? Perhaps you have attended one of our courses/groups or have enjoyed and getting support from our quarterly magazine. If any of this applies to you, please do consider supporting us so we can keep doing more to keep you empowered.

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We have been impacted, like many others by the current situation, which has seen most of our fundraising calender cancelled for the rest of 2020 and companies who would ordinarily support us are currently not able to.

This has coincided with a time when we have been used more than any other time for support and advice and we need to be available. We receive no regular funding and being such a small team means we struggle to support and fundraise at the same time – can you help?