Relaxed sessions

Reversing the inclusion model

We Too! understands that for many people with additional support needs, being able to access sessions and activities can be difficult due to a lack of understanding.

By putting in place small sensory adaptations, and the addition of aids such as visual guides and sensory packs it can make a huge difference to creating a positive experience. Events where these adaptations have been put in place are called Relaxed Sessions and We Too! are widely recognised as the leading organisation for these sessions in the area.  We Too! has a desire to reverse the inclusion model, where Relaxed Sessions are predominately for ASN participants, but in fact anyone is welcome as long as they are aware of the sessions they are participating in.

By working with local supermarkets, cinemas, playgrounds, and sports centres, we make sure there are sensory adaptations that allow people to participate who may ordinarily struggle with the ever changing and busy environment we are all so familiar with. We Too! delivers training sessions to venues in the city that can offer Relaxed Sessions. This is of benefit to the families of people with additional support needs as they can participate more within the community. By educating the venues involved this brings a higher level of awareness and understanding of what it means to have a truly Accessible Community.

As the country is starting open back up again it is crucial that adaptations are in place to help reduce anxiety for everyone.

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