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Much more than ‘just’ a magazine

We Too! is largely recognised as being a “What’s On” Guide for families in the North East of Scotland, only with the current pandemic, we would sadly, quickly
become the “What’s NOT On Guide”!

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Like you however, we quickly became overwhelmed with the tsunami of information that washed over us in a huge digital wave of Webinars, Google Classrooms, regular Facebook Posts and the all-important Daily Government Briefings.

After listening to families, we realised that the importance of our printed magazine was more prevalent than ever with many of us dealing with increased levels of isolation that we have never experienced before along with our children, struggling to make sense alongside us of how this “new normal” would look. In the words of one parent “I am just sick of looking at a screen”, we knew our magazine could help the community feel connected, while still apart and many of you comment that you like being able to go back and refer to previous editions too.

We have also been able to overcome how we can get this magazine out to you with all our usual distribution channels currently unavailable to us. We are delighted that our printers are able to send the magazine, directly to your home from us – Consider it a wee hug coming through your letterbox from We Too!

We are incredibly grateful to parents who have contributed to this magazine with their experiences, insights, good humour and tips to get through this situation we find ourselves in – after all, We Too! was always about parents and for parents.

The Summer “Home & Safe” Edition will be available from Wednesday 1st July 2020.

The magazine does still remain free, but due to lack of advertisers and income at this time, we would greatly appreciate any donation you can make towards our costs. Our overheads are incredibly low, so please do be assured that a little goes a very, very long way for us, the donate button is at the top of this page.

If you would like to receive a copy, posted to your home, please fill out the subscription details in the link above.