We Too! Magazine

Much more than ‘just’ a magazine

We Too! is largely recognised as being a “What’s On” Guide for families in NE Scotland, only with the current pandemic, we would sadly, quickly become the “What’s Not On Guide”!

Over the past year, when so many other organisations had to close their doors during the pandemic, We Too! made a very conscious decision to keep producing the magazine throughout and fill the pages with relevant articles and on-going up to date advice at a time when so many families felt more isolated and forgotten then perhaps ever before.

This decision came with a huge increased cost of posting the magazine directly to your home as all our regular distribution partners were also instructed to close their doors. We felt strongly that you remained connected while apart and available on your terms rather than scheduled on-line meetings and the feedback we received from you all being delighted not to have another screen to stare at, certainly confirmed our decision.

However, increased costs when we have been unable to fundraise means we have used reserve funding to keep the magazine reaching you – branded as #AHugThroughYourLetterbox.

With cautious optimism, as we start to see our distribution partners being able to open up safely once again, we’re delighted that they are ready also to receive the magazine back into their schools, libraries, sports centres etc to help keep you informed of the sessions happening in our community.

So while it’s “Goodbye” for the magazine being posted directly out to your home, it’s really more a “See You Around”, and to ask you to look out for distribution updates on our social media pages on where you can collect future editions of the magazine:

  • Aberdeen City Council Schools
  • Aberdeenshire Council Schools
  • Aberdeen City Libraries
  • Aberdeenshire Libraries
  • Smugglers Cove, Codonas
  • Sport Aberdeen Centres
  • The Archie Foundation
  • Shopmobility & Abledeen
  • Aberdeen City Community Centres
  • Aberdeen Children with Disabilities Team
  • CAMHS Unit – NHS
  • Aberdeen Childcare Creches
  • Innoflate
  • Jump In Trampoline Park

We Too! receives no statutory funding at all, so if you would like to help us replenish our funding pots, we would be really chuffed if you would consider We Too! for any fundraising. Over 99% of what you fundraise goes directly to activities and sessions so we think we’re pretty good value for money! 