Teamwork makes the dream work

We Too! is largely recognised as the 'what's on' guide for families with additional support needs in NE Scotland and the only publication of its kind in the UK.

Our team

Phionna McInnes

Chief Ninja

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Jillian James

PA Ninja

Hi, I’m Jill mother to two boys, one of which is autistic, and an aging Shih-Tzu. My first experience of We Too! was when I took my boys to the Not So Spooky Halloween Party, which they loved and I instantly relaxed into the understanding and supportive atmosphere. Fast Forward 4 years and I’m now working for We Too! which I can safely say is one of the best jobs I have had! I love meeting new families, supporting at relaxed sessions and the diversity of the role (there is never a dull moment). One part of my role which I particularly enjoy is helping to produce the We Too! magazine, as I know how much I enjoyed getting a copy home in my son’s school bag every quarter.

It was great to read the ‘What’s On Guide’ and know there were things we could enjoy as a family, or classes suitable for my son.  It is very important that families with children who struggle coping at mainstream activities know that there are alternatives out there. With the isolation everyone has experienced over 2020/2021 one of my aims over the next year is ensure the magazine reaches everyone that would benefit from it so we can all start enjoying ourselves again!

Tori Chamberlain


My name is Tori Chamberlain and I have been a Trustee of We Too since its inception six years ago.

I am a wife and mum to three beautiful daughters and two handsome sons.

I met Phionna just before the birth of my eldest daughter at a local parenting event and our friendship has grown over the years along with our families!

My middle daughter had a very early diagnosis of autism at 6 years old and I am awaiting ADHD diagnosis for 2 more of my children so I fully understand the difficulties and frustrations experienced by ASN parents.

Sitting on the board for We Too has been the most amazing journey – supporting Phionna, and watching this tiny, yet brilliant idea flourish into so much more than a magazine.

Many times, I have held my hands up and thought “what now?” and I know I am not the only one! We Too! helps with this feeling of helplessness’ as a point of knowledge, support, information, care and understanding.

I am so proud of everything this small charity has achieved especially during 2020 with so many extra challenges – but our parents and children were continued to be supported in a safe way.
Keep up the amazing work We Too!

John James


Hi, I’m James Johnstone and honoured to be a We Too! Trustee.

I first met Phi when I responded to her LinkedIn post asking for help in relocating to the King Street office. Throughout the day, I learned about her great and passionate work, supported by her Ninjas and volunteers, and vowed to help anyway I can.

During my time as a swimming teacher I taught a few kids with additional support needs and empowering them to develop important life-saving skills was a privilege. Being invited to become a Trustee allows me to continue this support to the wider area.

I live and work in Banchory where I run my Production Chemistry consultancy supporting the Oil & Gas industry. In my spare time, I play a bit of golf and volunteer (again) with SPE, our industry professional body, in areas of HSE, Sustainability and Awards & Recognition.

Adele Reid


April Schelbert


Right back at the start of the We Too! journey Phionna told me about this idea she had. This new venture sounded brilliant and exciting and I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to be a Trustee. That crazy idea of a one off magazine to support the families of children with additional support needs has grown into the We Too! community that we now know and love.

I am proud to be on the Board and play my part in the work of We Too! and continue to be amazed by the impact of the charity in our local community. I am also proud of all the We Too! ninjas who are our volunteers and very much at the heart of the charity. I also love being involved in the third sector of my home city.

I am a mum to three boys although it won’t be long now before they all tower over me. Downtime for me would be enjoying music and reading. I also love to dabble about at my allotment and I volunteer with another couple of community groups in Aberdeen.